The new Americana

I don’t know how many times I was rewriting and correcting this post, but I decided to finally post it before it actually loses its validity. Not surprisingly, what I want to write about today are the recent events in the USA. At the very beginning I just wish to state that this is not going to be a political post, actually. I daresay that, in the light of recent events in the USA, it does not change much if a person is familiar with the politics or not (people who aren’t usually say that, don’t they?). Anyway, Trump is just one step from stepping into the breach of full-time presidency, and the country is torn – just as millions of American hearts.

What does Trump mean for the country? Disrespect for women and minorities, ignorance in terms of climate change, lack international diplomacy whatsoever. And, last but not least, shame for the citizens being represented by him. Shame mixed with grudge, the latter full of what-ifs – that it could be different, that it didn’t have to end this way. But it did and nothing can be done about it. Or can it…?

Of course it can. I know it is easier said than done, but I even want to dare the statement that there may be some good sides of this situation. The first thing that comes to my mind is the it actually brings even more attention and energy to a wide range of social aspects – from immigration and racism, to LGBTQ society rights, to women equality. An increasing number of people speak up and fight for the great causes, but most importantly – they reflect. They reflect about the issues going on around of them, coming up to conclusions about their own standpoints and values held in life. What does it all lead? Something, which I would lofty call the essence of humans’ existence – expanding our consciousness.

Throughout the centuries, innumerable wars, murders and inhumane actions have lead to the point in which we are now. They have definitely not come to an end – just look at what is going on in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan. We are blessed not to go through anything of this kind. Still, many of us have battles to fight, and maybe this election is the catalyst for many of them. Rapid growth of consciousness is often triggered by revolution, be it a social, economical or spiritual one. In this case, we can expect all of them. It only depends on us how we will use them.

Quantum physics assumes existence of something as collective consciousness, which can be understood as a field consisted of all gathered knowledge and beliefs. Considering that theory, you can contribute to the creation of new kind of awareness just by expanding our own. And if we start to deliberately spread it, we may create a new generation – the one more conscious than any. You, as an American nation, can help to build the new Americana – not only high on legal marijuana, but also knowing about their ability to think independently, as well as to choose their actions wisely.

(I blew the rhyme. Damn.)

You may think that it is easier said than done, but trust me – I live in the country governed by a highly nationalist party, were even speaking about in vitro or not going to church every Sunday is already a sacrilege. Not to mention ‘ gay people’, refugees or the issue abortion. The latter has been formally banned a little more than a month ago. Moreover, tens (or hundreds) of media people have lost their job shortly after elections, as they were not pro-party and, God forbid, were ‘spreading their beliefs on air’. My very own family was so terrified and devastated after the elections, that I myself did not know what was going on.

So trust me, I do not live in governmental idyll, either.

There also still remains the fact that we do not actually know what happens behind the closed doors of politics. The things that we hear and read in the media are just impressions – the very well-thought-through ones. In many cases, they are just a top of an iceberg, with 90% of it being invisible to the eyes of most citizens. In case of the 2016 presidential election, nobody actually knew what is hidden – neither behind Hillary’s considerate, pro-campaign, nor nationalist and clamant of Trump’s. Of course, your choices were based on these campaigns – on arguments used, as well as behaviours and arguments presented in both of them were essential to make voting decisions. Otherwise, what would these choices be based on, right? However, we are still not sure what we are actually voting for. And this is why Clinton is (probably) not saint, while Trump is not the end of the world. Hopefully.



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